Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sledding Powderhorn

There wasn't much snow this year, but when we got some, we headed out to our favorite hill before it could disappear.

The hill.


Emma, Enoch, and Willa near the top.

Emma, Enoch, and Willa at the bottom.
Calvin's descent.

Emma and Willa.  Willa LOVED sledding but HATED the gloves.  By the end she was a happy, cranky mess.

[Note:  These are supposed to be videos, but I am not that tech savy.  Future family:  These are saved to my picasa account.  Please come home and watch them, they are wonderful.]

Calvin sledding without the sled.

Taran was not much for sledding.  But he found a fort and defended it stoutly.

Enoch hits the snow ramp dead on after trying and trying.  Calvin shows off.  Willa pitches a fit.
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