Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ladies' Weekend 2012!

Last winter was the snowiest, longest, coldest winter of my life! And because I was pregnant through it all, I didn't have the energy or desire to do anything but watch the snow come down and bury me in my house. I never wanted to live through another winter like that again!
So, with that in mind, I found an awesome Ladies Winter Getaway sponsered by the Three Rivers Park District. There would be snowshoeing, kick sledding, crafts, cross country skiing, and meals were provided! I called up my sister and convinced her to join me. We were going to live it up! Winter came, but the snow did not. I'm not trying to complain about a warm winter, but COME ON! Whenever I prepare for something it doesn't happen. (I'm assembling my World War III Emergancy Rations Kit together right now. Just doing my bit for peace on earth.)
Suffice it to say, the Winter Retreat turned into a Yoga Retreat and Kirsti and I are just not that bendy. We took our monies and went elsewhere...

The Grand Hotel in Downtown!

Cheryl and Kirsti snuggle in the queen beds.

Obligitory self taken group photo!
Shopping at the Mall of America. 
Kirsti dancing in her new Bloomingdale's dress.  Okay, she didn't really buy it.
Dinner date and games with our guys!

What a catch we gals made!

Not pictured:  Sitting at the bar in the hotel eating desserts.  Brunch at The Baker's Wife.  Ininitories at the temple.  Or the bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms eaten in one night.

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