Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Sign of the Times

We are trying to raise good Christian boys. Boys with testimonies of who they are, where they came from, and where they are going. Sometimes we are so pleased. Sometimes we are, well...

When Taran was around two years old he was quietly sitting on the floor playing with a white cloth napkin. He would pick it up in two fingers and drop it to see what shape it made. One drop made peaks of different sizes. He looked at it and then said so sweetly, “Temple. House a’ da’ Lord.”
We were shocked and surprised, pleasantly.
Then Taran got a really intense look on his face and clenched his whole body and concentrating on his newly made temple, he proclaimed, “Burns! Burns in the firebox.”

One morning as I was kneeling down to say my prayers Enoch came to ask where his “letter shirt” was. I told him that it was probably dirty. He said it wasn't and needed to wear it. I told him to go find it. He was adamant I find it.
Finally, since I was on my knees and wanted to say my prayers (teaching opportunity)I said, “You can pray and ask Heavenly Father for help to find your shirt.”
Enoch replied contemptuously, “He’s not coming down.”

Background: We try to teach our children Baby Signs so they can communicate with us before they can talk. The only signs we've really had any luck with are "more" and "all gone." "All gone" is performed by putting both hands in front of you, palms up and gently shaking them back and forth to show that there is nothing there.
So, while sitting reading my scriptures on my bed Calvin joined me. He rifled through my scripture case and found my scripture journal. Calvin looked at it and announced, "Jeeesaah [Jesus]. Nandy [Candy] all gone."

Onward Christian soldiers...


The JNJ Hasleton's said...

Yeah for you!!!

JB and Kirsti Meyer Family said...

Shows what kind of teacher you are, huh? And you're welcome for the help at the party, I LOVE TO SEE YOU no matter what chore you put me up to. See you soon!

LollyGirl said...

i love it!!!

we just found all beckams toys "baptized" in the bathroom and when there were too many army guys he improvised and just filled the container with water.