Sunday, June 1, 2008

Martin Park est. 2008

Our backyard is summer ready!
We found an old used swing set on Craig's List. David took a look at the disassembled pieces and figured that he could build it. He loaded it up into our amazing hold anything, take us anywhere, mini-van, nicknamed "Dently," and brought it home. With only the picture from Craig's List and his own musings, David put it together. When Enoch saw the finished structure he declared, "We have a park!"

Our green space, painted with Dandelions.

David putting on the last bolt.

Two "rocket swings!"

A pole to slide down.

A small red slide.

And a big wavy slide...

It's a great place to play, reconnect with friends, have a picnic, or just sun yourself. Come and play.


Whitlatch Family said...

Way to go. A park in your own backyard. Your the man, David!

The JNJ Hasleton's said...

David, is there anything you can't do???

Tiffany said...

I love blogs. ours is

Love to see updates.

Cheney Family said...

We'd love to come and play!! I was thinking we are long over due for a road trip ;) One day....Have fun with the new park!

We are Martin said...

Dawn you shouldn't joke about such things. Before I had read to the end-and realized you were teasing-I had gotten myself SO excited and I was planning all the things we could do... I jump to conclusions very quickly.
But the invitation is for real. If any of you guys come out here, for any length of time, we'll have fun.
In fact, the McKees are coming tomorrow, to use us as airport parking and transport. We'll take friends and family for any reason. So come, come, come!

JB and Kirsti Meyer Family said...

OK, we'll be there soon, some time after camp. In July or something like it.

We are Martin said...