Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Got Out As Well

Not everything we did this summer centered around Minneapolis. We went to Fargo to visit friends and see a play.

And we did the quintessential Minnesota vacation, a cabin on a lake. Kathy, one of the ladies David works with, owns and offered us her cabin for a week. We had a wonderful time in her sweet little home on Lake Levitt.

We played in the water,

hung out on the lake in the pontoon boat,

slept in,

took naps (sometimes in the buff),

And of course lost or broke something everyday.
Day #1, the lock to the shed.

Day #2, a paddle.

Day#3, the door on the night stand.

And for the grand finale, Day #4 we broke a picture frame.

AND lost the propeller to the pontoon boat. It's somewhere at the bottom of that lake.

On the way home, we had a little Walleye.

Thanks Kathy! We had a great time and promise to never come back.

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