Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Last Weeks of Summer

Emma got her ears pierced!
She earned the privilege by washing her face morning and night for an entire month. She was a bit scared to get it done, but even though I told her she could say no at any moment, she went through with it.


One of the last things we did Summer '08 was our 2nd annual Lemonade Stand. We do it to teach life lessons and earn money for the Minnesota State Fair. Besides, because of the busy corner at the end of our street, we make BANK! We earned enough money after expenses and tithing to get into the fair. There was even some spending money left over. It was huge fun to watch Emma and Taran realize what $4 can buy you at a fair. In the long run Emma decided to keep her money and use it in the real world. That's my tightfisted girl!
Our friends the Chyrslers were there to help. We sold lemonade (it was good!) and ice pops.

The End.
Hope your summer was just as eventful and a little less nauseous.


sarah said...

YEA!!! Thanks for the updates - looks like you had a great summer! Hope you're feeling better!

Pao said...

Thank you for the update! what a summer you had!I love the pics with the kids sleeping on the floor and under the bed, you guys are so funny, we miss you!