Sunday, January 25, 2009

Martin Quotes

First words of 2009

I got a wild idea to write down the very first words that my family spoke in 2009. Enjoy...

Calvin: [Standing at my side of the bed.] I’m poopy.

Taran: [Excitedly, standing at my side of the bed.] We slept in our clothes!

David: [While jumping back into bed after changing Calvin.] Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!!!
You’re being attacked by Indians!
What are you writing?
Lisa: I’m writing everyone’s first words of the New Year.
David: I mean Native Americans.

Enoch: [Still in bed.] I want pizza. Mommy, I’m really,really hungry for pizza.

Emma: [Still in bed.] Mommy?! What was that beep?
[It was the oven telling us cinnamon rolls were done!]


sarah said...

I cried laughing...thank you!

Lisa said...

funny mommy!love you mommy! emma