Monday, January 5, 2009


Has anyone seen my salad tongs? How about some white bowels with a blue rim? I’m also looking for a half dozen spoons at least. There’s other the stuff I’m missing outside of the kitchen, the latest issue of the Ensign for example, and about a thousand socks, and a Scooby Doo DVD that was due at the library last September.

Where does it all go?!!

Yes, I’ll humbly admit that I am not the tidiest and most organized of people, but entire sets of cereal bowels should not be disappearing! I can say with some pride that my house is clean enough to walk through at least twice a week, so I know the stuff is not hiding in plain sight. I change bed sheets, organize the toy shelf, and vacuum out the corners as needed, so I know it’s not hiding in those places.

Usually I’m able to locate that missing everythings in this house. You all know, the homework page that Taran probably left at school which has really slipped under his feet, under the table. Or the desperately needed jacket that Emma promised, PROMISED she hung up but is really crumpled behind a couch cushion. And although it annoys me that I know where my grown man, husband left his Psych. 505 Book, I can get that too. After all, I am Mom, Locater of Stuff.

So where did the stuff I can’t find go?


Dan and Jen said...

I think "locater of stuff" is one of the many perfect titles for a mom. I also REALLY hate it when I can't find things. The unmatched sock basket, empty DVD/CD cases, piece-missing me nuts!

Cheney Family said...

I have this super-perfect, safe place to keep things I don't want to loose. Now if I could just remember where that place is, I'd find it all ;)

Ann said...

Spoons! Where do they go? It killed me last year to buy new spoons. We got a nice silverware set for our wedding that included 12 spoons. Last year we were down to 3. How does that happen?? Now the kids insist on using the "new spoons"

Lisa said...

Dawn, I'll bet my family has been putting all our missing stuff in your super-perfect, safe place. Please let me know when you find it!
And Ann it will kill me when I need to buy new spoons because I will finally be living my mother's life. A patched up, mismatched life where utensils and bed sheets are "unique."

The JNJ Hasleton's said...

LIsa, at least it's not just you. Washers & dryers have been eating socks for years, spoons & tupperware get left at work (or on top of mountains) & I swear things disappear from my car when the doors open up.

I think it will be fun when we're in the eternities, to look back & see what REALLY happened to all that stuff.

Jeanette Anderson said...
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Jeanette Anderson said...

I love the post, I can so relate. As I was helping Kenton and Kaylee, yesterday, find their coats that were right in front of their noses, I was telling them that this must be my job as mom. The finder of everything. I love your title. Jeanette "locater of stuff" Anderson. But it did take me two days to find a box of binder rings I was offering to someone, they were in a bag of stuff from the car that I had already rustled through once or twice, and did not notice them. Keep me posted for when you find that super-perfect, safe place.