Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year's Day

Some catch up to the Martin family memory blog...

(Just so everyone is aware, we are all doing well now and fully recovered. Thank you everyone for the support and love sent our way.)

Our entrance into the year 2009 was a wonderful one! We partied with friends on New Years Eve until an outstandingly late 11 PM! We got home in time to put all the sleeping ones to bed and David, Emma, and I broke out our last bottle of Martinellis, made some quick confetti out of junk mail, and toasted the new year.
The next day we slept late and then ate a wonderful breakfast while watching the Rose Parade and I dreamed of California in winter and felt just a little sorry for myself.
In the evening we continued our semi-tradition--on some years and off others--of making and eating a gingerbread house. The house is meant to be made before New Year's day and broken on the 1st. I read this somewhere and is supposed to be good luck.

We cheated just a bit. We started building the house on New Year's Eve and finished it New years day.

More candy was eaten than put on the house, of course.

Here is the gingerbread house from every angle. (We had to hold it together with some black thread.)
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New Year's day, we smash it!

Emma in action.

Eating it!

(We also put cans of tomatoes inside the walls to help hold it up. That sucker was hard to keep up and then hard to break, go figure.)

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Cheney Family said...

You guys are so much fun! And you are too dang cute when you're pregnant. How you feeling?