Friday, October 28, 2011

the Adventures of Bumpa & Baby Moose

Willa's latest toy crush has to be my favorite so far:  she has combined the dollhouse grandpa--whom she calls Bumpa--with a baby moose of unknown origin--whom she insists is a horse. 

 Bumpa and baby moose go on amazing adventures that involve screaming and giggling. 

But I don't know what they are; the moment I get too close Willa, Bumpa, and baby moose stop their gallivanting and stare at me until I move to a safe distance.

So I'm forced to try to take pictures from a distance.  Even then, I am regarded with suspicion.

So one day when Willa was busy with breakfast, I got a quick shot of the dynamic duo before they had to fly off to another adventure.

Rock on Bumpa and baby moose.  Rock on.

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