Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Emma Did This Summer or A trip to the downtown library

Someday Emma will reference this post in the therapy that she will no doubt need because of her deprived and cruel upbringing. It will help her to make a major breakthrough. Family blogging, Saving lives...

So my mom is forcing me to do this, and she took all these pictures, so I can only give you a second rate view.

Willa is sitting in one of the bookshelves in the little kids area.
Apparently, Willa doesn't think of them as bookshelves.
Toot, toot!

I do have first opinion on this picture, though. We took the light rail to and from the library.
Right here, I'm trying to read my new book on this very noisy train, and Taran is making it even more difficult, since he was pointing at something out the window and talking loudly right in my ear. (This is on the light rail, just so you know)
So ends the post my mom forced me to write!


Melanie said...

Family blogging, saving lives...toot toot!
What a great post.
It must be the residual YW leader in me, but I feel like this should pass off some sort of PP requirement- go on a family outing and write about it...

Jen said...

It could probably fulfill some Faith in God requirement too! The things we do to torture our children :)

Looks like a fun adventure!

Patrick and Krystine said...

so sweet! I love those songs!