Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Ride with the Oscar Box

It's over. The nice weather has ended and Fall is decending into Winter. But the weather held out long enough for us to have one last family bike ride. (It was also the first.) The only obstacle was how to bring Oscar.
In Calfornia we had an small, old car seat that we pulled the handle off of. It fit pretty well in the trailer. But it didn't come with us on the move. By the time we wanted to go on bike rides with Willa, she was big enough to be belted in. But David found a solution with an old diaper box and strapping tape.

Behold! The Oscar Box:

Don't let the face fool you, he LOVES it.

And it fits in the bike trailer very well.

Willa approved.

We didn't want to go far so we took the mid town green way.  Enoch did a great job on his little bike.

We stopped off at the MidTown Global Market.

The green way is an old railroad bath converted to a bicycle highway.  There are a few shops on the sides, places to sit, lots of open space, and places to park your bike.

We bought some goodies in the market and raced home to eat them.

Our delicacies, from the Salty Tart.  We bought six different cupcakes and one bar and split them seven ways.  So very, very good!

And Oscar?  He was fed, changed, and asleep before the cupcakes hit our bellies.  But he approves-- baked goods, bikes, desperate cardboard inventions--it's the Martin way and Oscar is Martin all the way.


Jen said...

He does look like a Martin! That Oscar Box is quite the invention :)

Reuben Collins said...

OMG! Oscar Box is the best idea ever! Love it.

Melanie said...

I want to be a Martin.