Sunday, October 23, 2011


My children come home with art from school everyday. Every. Day. That's a whole lotta paint, paper, and glue. I enjoy and appreciate all of it, however, it's just too much.  Most of it goes from the back pack to the garbage (quietly), some of it goes to the art wall upstairs, but there are some pieces that I just don't want to let go.
They are usually the ones done here at home. They come straight from imagination to the paper. Here are a few examples...

Enoch did this picture of a car and the people he loves in first grade. He is the driver.  Taran, Willa, and Daddy are on board.  His mother, Calvin, and Emma are specifically excluded.  It is titled "Our Car."

Taran, the family cartoonist, expressed his scholarly ambitions in this one...

And he, Taran, made a character in this one.  It's a beaver growing trees.

The copies just don't do justice to the originals.


Reuben said...

The artwork is excellent, although, I do not think Taran has beavers totally figured out, yet.

Laurie Hasleton said...

love the artwork, but love the clever use of ART in mARTin even better.