Sunday, May 18, 2008

Keepin' it Real

I dedicate this post to my homey, Dawn...

I'm generally a tidy housekeeper. My brain is already so cluttered and disorganized, I can't handle to much crap on the floors and counters and tables. That's the ideal anyway. But some days life just happens...

Yes, those are used tissues on the table. Emma has a cold.

There's also unfinished homework there too.

The dishes in the sink don't look as bad as they actually were. Believe me, the mess extended far from the boarders of the picture.

And Calvin lost his pants somewhere. That's not all the unusual, the thing that gets me, is I can't remember why he still has his shoes on.
My best guess, he had blow out but I was too crazed to put pants back on him, so I just stuck his shoes on and sent him outside.

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart!

P.S. Keeping with the "life happens" theme, Happy Birthday Enoch! We'll get to your cake and presents tomorrow...Sorry, but remember, your momma loves you.


LollyGirl said...

so great to get caught up on your family! I enjoy your writing--you make me laugh. so glad to be in touch!

The JNJ Hasleton's said...

That is NOT messy sweetheart!