Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sacramento 2010 by Emma, Taran, Enoch, & Calvin

June 28, 2010-July 17,2010

Wyoming on the way out
Emma: It was hot! (And Addie had a brain freeze.)

Enoch: I liked being in the handcart.
Calvin: I liked being in the covered handcart because my eyes were getting burned.

Taran: I remember that me and Addie pulled a small handcart. We had fun time at the hotel water park. Going backwards on the lazy river was hard!

Willa and Grant share a drink at In-n-Out

Taran: We had a yummy hot dog and drink.

4th of July
Emma: Sparklers, fireworks and family is the best!

Enoch: It was great. I did the fire writers where I was writing.
Calvin: That was good. I liked-ed it. I want to do again.

Taran: All the fireworks were awesome. Especially the one that wasn't a ground one, but we thought it was.

Trampoline Challenge
Emma: It looks like we almost broke the tramp!

Taran: It made me go high.

Mommy: Aunt Kirsti, Uncle Jared, Uncle PJ and I tried to rocket each other off the tramp. We competed to see who could jump the best. I was not good at it. Aunt Kirsti's a rock star jumper because she did while pregnant.
It was Uncle PJ's idea to make it a competition. That goes back to when we were children; he turns everything we do into something he can win.

5th of July Heavy Hangs
Emma: We had fun with that, well, I did.

Taran: I love passing out candy to everyone, especially Grant.

Drive-in Movies
Emma: It's movie time!

Enoch: We watched Toy Story 3. We laid down on the seat.
Calvin: Addie was there.

Taran: I watched The Last Airbender instead of Toy Story 3.

Grandpa Martin's grave
Emma: We miss you grandpa.

Enoch: Saw grandpa's grave and gave him love.
Calvin: I putted flowers on.

Taran: It was sad to visit because we saw two dead babies graves. I put some flowers down on my grandpa's grave.

Grandma Martin's home and toys
Emma: Willa loved the mailbox.

Enoch: I liked the cooking man because the cooking man had that cooking hat and those blue eyes.
Calvin: I liked-ed the guy from Beauty and the Beast. He had a arrow then he shot it. That was the best-est toy.

Taran: It was fun playing with the little people automobiles.

Kitty in the barrel
Enoch: Yeah! The kitty cat. It stays in the little barrel.

Taran: The kitty cat was cute.

Davis Farmers Market
Emma: Mmmmm! Kettle corn!

Enoch: Yummy popcorn.

Taran: Yum! So much kettle corn.

Sac Zoo, Taran feeds a giraffe
Emma: Purple tongue? Weird!

Enoch: Zoo!

Taran: I fed one.

Calvin: I wanted to feed the giraffe. I didn't feed the giraffe.

Enoch: They're hungry.
Calvin: I wanna go there again

Taran: It was like the tongue was a devil's snare--the plant that grabs you in Harry Potter.

Ice Cream after Zoo
Emma: Ice cream? Hot day? Perfect!

Taran: Mmmm. I loved the ice cream.

Girls' Night Eclipse
Mommy: Nana, Aunt Kirsti, and I went out to see the vampire movie. We've only seen them when we are together because Nana likes them. Aunt Kirsti and I like them too; we laugh the whole way through. Afterward we had a candy bar tasting. Nummy, Nummy!

Day with Grandma Martin
Emma: Double scoop? Sure,why not.

Enoch: I had root beer.

Taran: Rocky Road. Delicious.

Emma: What's her secret?
Cotton candy ice cream!

Taran: She's transforming!

Mommy: We also went shopping with Grandma, ate lunch and dinner with her, and visited the temple with her to see great Aunt Glenna and great Uncle Larry who work there.

Beach day, cold!

Emma: Giant crater? Waves that push that push the sand under your feet and you back? Waves? Cool!

Calvin: Ahh, we go to the beach.
Enoch: Remember it whacked me?
Calvin: And it pulled you.
Enoch: Remember it went over Addie?
Calvin: And it pulled me.
Look at cute Oliver.

Taran: We had wave fighting practice.

Swing Challenge at the park in Santa Clara
Mommy: I didn't get a picture of this one because I was swinging but we went to the park after dinner, after watching the World Cup, after church. Uncle PJ challenged Aunt Kirsti, Uncle Jared and me to see who could get the highest on the swing in ten swings. While I did horrible on the trampoline, I made up for it in the swing challenge!

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: Emma and Joey
Emma: Fun, fun, fun!

Taran: Elise and me were in the car behind them. It didn't make me dizzy.

Enoch and Grant on the planes
Enoch: Oh. The water park.
Calvin: No not the water park. I call it the fair.
Enoch: All of the planes were attacking planes.
Calvin: And I was in a red plane.
Enoch: I was with Grant.

Taran: I was on a plane because I had to go on one with Henry. I had fun going the altitude.

Enoch, Calvin, and Henry at the game booth
Emma: Guns and a video game mixed? Not gonna miss it!

Enoch: But I didn't get to shoot.
Calvin: Me either.
Enoch: Wait. Am I shooting?
Mommy: No, you were just pretending.

Lois's Birthday with more ice cream
Emma: Baskin Robins!

Mommy: Grandma's birthday.
Enoch: How old was she? Thirty months old?
Calvin: I got bubble gum.
Enoch: I got bubble gum too.

Taran: It was a big scoop of bubble gum.

Fairy Tale Town
Emma: Tell us a story Mother Goose!

Enoch: I had a great time.
Calvin: Me too.
Enoch: The crooked mile was very, very crooked.

Taran: The crooked mile was my thing.

Trip back: Independence Rock

Emma: Wow, that's a big rock!

Enoch: Very cool. We got to climb up.
Calvin: No we did not. That one is an easy one to climb up. That one was a hard one.
Enoch: We went to that Independence Rock.

Taran: Independence Rock was fun, but hot. I climbed it some. It took a lot because I was hot.


Jen said...

I love the kid comments! Such a fun way to capture their memory of the trip. I hope you guys are doin good. We miss all of our Martin friends!

Katie said...

What a fabulous trip! I loved the way you documented it.