Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

Thanksgiving is coming and we've got pie on the brain...

But before we can talk about gratitude and feasting, we need to finish up our summer story. While some of the Martin summer was filled with exciting trips and outings that Emma, Taran, Enoch, and Calvin have documented so well, most of summer 2010 was slow, long, and joyously LAZY!

June 8, 2010
The last of school! A warm rainstorm was the perfect way to wash away school cares!

Taran and a school friend after a run in the rain.

Emma, Enoch, Calvin jumping in mud puddles.

Enoch and Taran took advantage of a slow summer days to cuddle up and read.

Almost every night was a sleep over in Taran's and Calvin's bed.

Three months of unplanned days gave us the plenty of oppertunities. We rode our bikes, had our annual Lemonade stand, did early morning tennis lessons, and did Minneapolis Park and Rec Summer camps (Emma: Gymnastics camp, Taran: Maze camp, Enoch & Calvin: Animal camp), we even made it out to the Mall of American by light rail.

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