Monday, November 8, 2010

Corn Feed by Calvin

August 6, 2010

In August we visited the Longfellow Community Park Cornfeed. There was face painting, hair painting, bounce houses & slides, and, of course, roasted corn on the cob.

Calvin comments:

Question: Why do you choose to be Spiderman?
Answer: Because I like him very much.
Q: What did it feel like to get the paint on?
A: It feeled like I was flying.
Q: How did you feel about the long wait in the line?
A: Good.
Q: What did you do while in line?
A: Play. Play with my tounge. [He demonstrates an impressive tounge wiggle. Something I never saw in line. I remember we ate dinner and tried very hard to be Minnesota nice to the people who "budged".]

Enoch's Batman and I'm Spiderman. We're fighting.
Enoch's is blue and red.

Emma is red and black.

Uh black. Look at his eyes. He had fun. But he did not ride on any rides. [Not true.]

Question: What rides did you go on?
Answer: Slide.
Q: Did you like the bounce house or the slide better?
A: The slide. Because we slide.
I wanna do that again. That's so fun.

Question: What did Willa do?
Answer: Eat cornnnn... and slide downnnnn. And she went in the big bouncy house...
Q: Who had more fun you or Willa?
A: Me. Willa wanted to go on the slide but she didn't go. She was too small.

Question: How did the corn taste?
Answer: Disgusting!
Q: Why did you eat so much of it then?
A: I think I like it but I didn't.
Q: Do you want to go back next year?
A: Yeah.
Q: What are you going to do next year?
A: Uh, be Batman.

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