Monday, November 15, 2010

Martin Quote

After being put to bed, all three boys saw a quarter sized spider run across the floor of their room. Each one of my brave boys immediately jumped from their beds and ran to safety.
Unfortunately for them, their tired mommy was not impressed with their plight, and ordered them back to bed.
So there they sat sandwiched in a no man's land between the creepy crawly horror and the wrath of a tired parent who could be scarier than any spider imagined. After doing the calculations my smart boys decided back to bed was the safest place.
The only problem was how to reach the of bed when the spider was last seen by the entrance of the room...

Taran [careful, eldest boy]: We should go all at once.

No response, no movement.

Enoch [wily, middle child]: We should go youngest to oldest!

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Sandee said...

Ha ha. Great story, you told it so well I could picture your boys in my head. Thanks for sharing!