Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer: Take That Santa!

June 19,2010
There's Long Back Story Here: Last December we visited the scariest Santa ever! He was a part of the park program's "Pancakes with Santa" Breakfast. But when we walked through the community center doors all we could see was a grungy looking bum wearing red pajamas and slouching on the naugahyde foyer couch.
After another look, I realized he supposed to be Santa! Even Enoch understood something was amiss because he took one look at the man, pointed his finger and yelled, "You're not Santa!"
Well, instead of turning my kids around and going right back out the door we came in, we decided to give him another chance. After all, he had seen us, sat up and tried to smile and everything.
So against my better judgment, I let the hobo-Santa convince the kids that he was the real-Santa. As they sat on his lap and told him their secret-heart-of-heart desires everything was going well, until Enoch told Santa his Christmas wish, "I want a gun."
[A nerf gun Enoch had seen in the store a couple of days earlier had become his latest craze. He wasn't going to get it, but only because I'd already bought his gifts. That and besides Santa only brings the Martins one big family gift and all toys and individual gifts come from family and friends--even though my children stubbornly cling to the belief that everything comes from Santa on Christmas morning, no matter what the tag says.]
But when Enoch asked whole body shaking, eyes shining, for his must have toy, Santa said: "No!"
He looked into my hopeful boy's face and said, "Santa doesn't give guns. They are not good."
Say What?! Can a creepy Park and Rec Santa say that?! I'm pretty sure that's the parent's call.

Well to Santa I say...

Take that!
And I say thank you to the Cain boys for sharing the guns that you no longer want.

I can't resist one more picture...
At the breakfast, Taran, probably inspired by the spooky Santa, made an alien reindeer hat, which he shows off while holding Willa here.

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