Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Notes

This last week was a wild one! Beyond the usual craziness of life (homework, lessons, friends, and such) we had Henry and Addie come to stay at our house for a couple of days while their parents lived the jet-set lifestyle in Texas (yee-haw!)

Inexplicably and rather inconveniently, at the same time, nesting hit hard!
I just HAD to finish up Emma's room before they came and while they were here, I spruced up the basement, until 2am. Crazy pregnant psyche.

Our week started with Family Home Evening. Taran had a project for us all, decorating a turkey for his classroom.

I just can't resist putting this video in. David was hot gluing leaves ("shooting the paper") to the turkey ("chicken"). when Calvin began to sing and dance, something I can never get him to do on camera.

We all contributed. Isn't he a beaut?

We also talked about the coming election. To understand what was going on (and just cause it's fun) we nominated, campaigned, and voted for our choice of Dinner with side and Dessert in the great Martin Dinner Election 2008.

Emma was able to push her will and won with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Fries for dinner and Ice Cream Sundaes for dessert.
The fries were a comprise she made with Taran who wanted to elect straight Fries and catchup as dinner. Emma offered to accept them as a running mate if Taran would support her Grilled Cheese. She then campaigned hard for her candidates to win. Let me tell you, grass roots action works!

The sweet, sweet victory! Tuesday November 4,2008 Election Day.

Then as I said, I pushed to finish Emma's-soon to be The Girls'-room like a crazed woman.
Here is Emma's bed. We changed the wall hanging from pink to yellow because when you're in the fourth grade, pink is sooo out!

And with David's help we painted the wall a light green--green is the new pink. Mostly it covers the artwork that Calvin had done earlier.

Then the Meyer's arrived! Hurray! Sadly, I got very few pictures even though the four little ones were doing something cute every other minute. Actually, they seemed to have a system where they would alternate between 2 cute naughty things and then 1 cute adorable thing.
After 3 days of 4 children under the age of 5 I now really appreciate moms who have their children so close, (Dawn you ROCK!) It's nuts! But fun nuts.

Here is Addie drilling Calvin. Sorry it's so blury but it's still hilariously blog worthy.

Here, now friends again, Addie and Calvin display their Nutella faces.

I never got a picture of Henry (SHOOT!), but I did get a photo of where he had been!

Have a great week!

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