Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Notes

Halloween Week! One of the greatest days in Kid-dom!

We began this week by carving our pumpkin for Family Home Evening. Emma, Taran, and Calvin drew their designs for what the Pumpkin-Should-Look-Like Vote.
Enoch was doing his own thing in the background while David cut and scooped out the innards.

We gather around the finished Masterpiece.
Explanation of picture:
Taran is trying to be the pumpkin body,
Emma is giving it bunny ears,
Enoch is still doin-hiz-own-thang,
David is trying to hold it together,
Calvin watches it all in wonder,
and I despair that I'll ever get a straight family shot without bribing and/or threatening first.

Oh, and of course we serenaded our pumpkin with the traditional Mr. Jack O'Lantern song.

Here's our scary pumpkin all a-glow.
p.s. David's design won the election but not without much wheedling, pandering, and downright crookedness.

p.p.s. Sadly, the "Scarrry Paa-kin" didn't last to Friday. He was mush by Thursday.

Sometime during the week Emma penned this little note before heading off to school. It reads...
"Moms are loving and kind. They love us more than almost anyone!
Dads are awesome and fun they love you so much and one of the best things, have fun."

And it warmed my heart.

Spooky Halloween Night
Pre-trick or treating pizza. (Five buck Little Cesar's Pizza is a Friday night institution in the Martin house.)

The little pillagers dressed, ready, and waiting to sack the neighborhood.
Notice the paper bag luminaries, a quick substitute for a pumpkin.
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They Martin Halloween Ritual:
The kids bring their candy to the basement and dump it out on the floor, Mommy checks it, then we put in the movie Monster House and eat until we can't eat anymore (Calvin never reached that point. Emma went to bed with a bucket "Just in case.") After the movie is over, the candy disappears. It's Halloween Trickery at it's best.
Oh, can you find Enoch in this picture? He's hiding behind David. Monster House is painfully scary for my kids.

Even though we got to bed late on Friday, the four Martin kidlins were up and at 'em early Saturday morning making forts out of the furniture. It drives me nuts and makes me marvel at the same time.
We spent the rest of the day cleaning and recovering from Halloween.

And Sunday ended, and the week began, with a cake that Emma made almost entirely by herself. It's Snickerdoodle Cake and it was, in Calvin's words, "Nau-mmeee!"


The JNJ Hasleton's said...

You guys are soooo awesome!

Dan and Jen said...

I'm impressed with Emma's cake making skills! Looks like you had fun Halloween festivities. I will be adopting your tradition of one night binging and then hiding the treats. I am going insane with sugar-laden children, plus it isn't helping my waist-line either!

Whitlatch Family said...

Good for Emma making cake. She will know the easy way to get a man later in life.

Tiffany said...

Fun traditions Lisa! Halloween is an awesome time for kids. (and adults like me who are addicted to candy!!)