Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

You may not know it, I like to flatter myself that I hide it well, but the truth is, I'm quite a crank.
Not surprised? Oh well, I guess I don't grumble and whine with the grace I thought I did.

BUT! There is a point to this and HOPE. You see, I'm trying to overcome this slight character flaw with a little bit o' gratitude. And I think November is a good time to start. Not just because of Thanksgiving, but also because I need a little positivity to get me through another pitiless Minnesota winter.

And, having just knocked Minnesota (did you notice the discouraging word "pitiless"?), I think I'll start with how thankful I am to be here...

I'm grateful for the chance to live in the Father-land and get back to my roots.
I appreciate that David is going to a top rated school in his field.
It's exciting to try something other than what I'd always known.
And I LOVE the the fall colors...


The JNJ Hasleton's said...

Yeah, my pants can't stay on either. I figure the Bishop won't get too mad at me for going to church in Jared's clothes. At least I'm there right?

The trees are gorgeous, & Emma's room looks good too. I'm super jealous you get sooo much time with the Meyer family. I think some day I'll kidnap you all & keep you in my basement for quality time & for whenever I need some good entertainment. What basement you ask? The one I've been hiding so that you have no idea what I'm up to!!

Whitlatch Family said...

My two cents... yes Minnesota is bad, very bad. Come back or at least closer. I do love the fall, something Sacramento does not have much of, but plenty here.