Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pie Fight!

To mitigate the pain of summer ended we planned and executed a pie fight. Who in the world could be sad with a day that ended in a whip cream war?

We invited friends for more targets. The first to get pied.

Emma and friend loving it.

Happy to get pasted.

Emma running down neighbors with a can of whipped cream.

Taran, on the other hand, didn't do a lot of running.

Taran's buddy licks himself clean.

Enoch insisted on a shield.

Calvin used his nose.

The carnage.

Altogether in the end: Make pie not war.

Of course we were left with quite a mess. Taran was more than happy to help hose it down.

Emma and her friends helped to.


Aida said...

You are an aswome Mommy to let this happen. What wonderful memories to treasure.

Lisa said...

Hey Aida! I don't know how awesome I can be considered when this was something I've always wanted to do and I just now found an excuse for it. I really had a blast and I think whip cream is good for your hair. I was covered in it. I tried to take a picture but I've never been good at those self-portrait, arms-extended photos.