Sunday, September 6, 2009

School Daze

Tuesday was the first day of third and fifth grad for Taran and Emma, respectively and Thursday was the first day of KINDERGARTEN for Enoch.
School came much too soon this summer. There was so much we wanted to do but didn't. Parks, museums, movies, and large do-it-yourself projects that we were going to get to once we were done soaking up lazy. We aren't ready to wake up on time for bus catching or for going to bed on time so we could wake up early. We aren't ready for homework and the mountains of paper that accompanies school.
That and I'm really having a tough time with my little boy starting kindergarten. The night before school started for him I lay awake wondering if it was too late to keep him back one more year. This maternal protectiveness is new for me. Emma was born ready for school and the wider world; while Taran was shoved into a kindergarten room 3 days after landing in Minneapolis so we could unpack and get our bearings straight. I've never fretted over the decision before. But of course Enoch's one complaint about the first day of school was that I drove him there instead of letting him ride the bus.

Here are Emma and Taran on their first day at Taran's school.


Enoch's first day in front of his classroom.

Enoch's first day did not go without incident. A few minutes before school was about to let out I got a call from the office. The nurse wanted to let me know that Enoch has put some kind of a clip on his tounge during counting time and it bled.

When I asked him about it he said, "Yeah, but it was a good thing they have a dentist."

Happy schooling!

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