Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We Started A Lot of Stuff that Fizzeled

Every summer we come up with a lot of great ideas of things we can do for fun. The things we plan don't always pan out:

Emma offered to teach her brothers. We called it Emma School and every day for almost two weeks, she took her brothers down to the basement where she set up a school and taught them. Unfortunately, both her littlest brothers and our schedule were uncooperative and Emma School was abandoned.

We tried to start a Sit-At-Home Travel Program. The idea was to get books on a country that interested us. I've always wanted to visit the Taj Mahal, so we began (and ended) with India. We read the library books and wrote out the reports. We never delivered them, but we still ate some pretty good chicken curry and naan.
P.S. Mongooses (mongeese?) ROCK!

We started a Minneapolis Park Review. Our plan was visit all the public parks in Minneapolis (being careful of the North side, of course) and decide which ones were the best. There are many, many, many parks in Minneapolis. We got to four new ones. Oh well. They were fun.

Of course there were more ideas that never took off. But the trying is what makes it fun. Besides, it'll give us something to look forward to next summer. In the meantime...Happy Fall.

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