Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Amy and Ronny Came to Visit

Early in August my old college chum and always friend came from Eureka to Minnesota with her boy Ronny, just to see us! As usual, I didn't take many pictures. Having too much fun watching 80's chick flicks, avoiding the heat, seeing the sites, avoiding the tornado, cooking, avoiding the noise of 6 cooped up kids.
We had great fun hiding from the heat at the Mall of America, the Science Museum, and the Riverview Theater.

The muggy Minnesota heat was supposed to let up so we planned to do all of our outside fun then. That's when the torrential rain hit, for days. And then the tornado hit. So, the kids set up a war room in the basement.
Emma found some red paint and added details. That's my girl.

Stir crazy, pants-less, but still lovable.

Amy and I (and Cheryl) finally broke free and went out on the town. We drove past the storm torn homes and ruined trees to try a Cuban restaurant some sweet old men at the Y are always talking about.
Victor's is very good and you can write on the wall.

We went to Izzy's Ice Cream. We got the Izzabella. Then waddled home. Oh yeah!


Whitlatch Family said...

What a crazy week. A vacation I will long remember and not for the tornado outside. We had so much fun.

Aida said...

Lisa- seeing your wonderful smile makes me miss you so much! You are a wonderful friend, mother, and wife! Always so much fun to be around. Glad you have a blog I can read and catch glimpses of your family.