Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We Did Summer Camps

One of the things that makes Minneapolis great is its Park and Rec. system. They have a rec. center at almost every park, offer free ice skating (some have free ice skate rental) in the winter, and sports. This summer we took advantage of the awesome summer camps they offer.
Emma started summer off with an American Girls Camp. She and bunch of like minded girls made jewelery, sewed outfits for their dolls, learned history, and had a tea party.
Then Emma and Taran participated in Camping 101. They learned how to start and stop a camp fire, roast marshmellows, identify flora and fauna, and sang camp songs.
Enoch and Calvin went to Space Camp. They read stories, ran around with friends, and made a model of the solar system.
Taran and Enoch did one last camp called Helping Hands Camp. They helped clean up a local church, organized a food drive, and did other things in the community while hanging out with friends and eating snacks.
Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the kidlins at their camps, but I did some of the projects that the camps inspired:

Emma created a room for Josephina. She painted walls, made decorations, and a rug.

Here is Enoch's model of the solar system.

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