Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Enoch Graduated from Preschool

One way my grandfather taught us the importance of higher education was by refusing to recongnize mediocrity. He let each of his grandchildren to know that he would never attend any graduation besides a college graduation. We weren't to even expect a card for high school graduation. It was nothing more than our duty to make our way through the ranks of public education. He'd no sooner send us card for cleaning our room or attend us doing the dishes. (I can just hear his loving, gruff voice letting us know how it was to be.)
So even though I've grown up thinking these things are little hokey and totally unnessecary, the pictures sure are cute.

Enoch gave his wonderful preschool teacher a flower. (See isn't he cute?)

Enoch in his robes.

Enoch and Ms. Tammy.

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