Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We Had a Family Reunion

We took our covered wagon out west for a family reunion. We went through South Dakota and met up with some rock stars.

Look! I'm actually in a photo!

In Utah, we met up with cousins and parents and extended family. FUN, FUN, FUN. Here is a picture with all my kids and their great-grandfather. V. Murray Richardson is my mother's father and a true patriarch.

We took family photos while we were all together. Here my parents reveal their true marital feelings.

And here they are acting normal, but just for the camera.

We got an unofficial picture of just the kidlins.

It was hard to get them all facing the right way.

By the time we tried for this picture everyone had had it.


13 years, 5 kids, and still looking good!

We started the family reunion with my father's side. He likes to think we descended from Vikings. Of course the truth is we were farmers who couldn't even farm dirt. So we jumped ship and moved to majestic North Dakota.

Here's some of the stuff my family left behind, besides the dirt...

All kidding aside, my Aunt Elaine gave a wonderful family presentation. She even made Krumkake. YUM!

While the kids made Viking helmets, shields, and swords.

That and no alien's gonna read his brain waves! Sorry mommy, had to put it in. But you know we all LOVE it!

Calvin and Grant do battle.

This is my father and his big brother. My dad is the one that's winning.

He wins because he got to keep his hair.

And that is Hasleton humor for you. I'll stop now.

We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. It was our first temple open house.

It was lovely.

The reception:
David and Kirsti.

Jared, Samantha, Robert and Kristi.

Emma and Joey.

Charlotte and Willa.

We went to a park and hit each other with foam swords. After thought: We let the kids play too.
Oops more Hasleton humor, sorry.

My definite favorite part of the reunion was the adults only lunch. It was great to sit with my parents and siblings and spouses and talk and laugh uninterrupted. Thank you Olsen family for making it possible!
Mommy, Kirsti, Pili and PJ.

More summer to come...


The Churn Mistress said...

Hey, it looks like we might have been in Utah at the same time this summer.
I wish I had known maybe we could have gotten together. Missed opportunity.

Lisa said...

Michelle, what a bummer! I didn't even think to check and see what friends would have been there. That would have been fun. I keep thinking some day we will check out the Omaha Zoo and visit you. We WILL! (someday)

The Churn Mistress said...

Please do! Maybe we will make it up to the land of a thousand lakes and see you guys. Roger and I were actually in Minn. in May for a very long, very late, very stressful layover.

Aida said...

I love the picture of you and David!